Get a runner’s rig! How to look great and boost your running performance

Picture the long, lean lines of a runner, striding out alongside a stunning coastal scene. It’s an inspiring image, which captures the essence of fitness.

However, incorrect running can lead to injury or simply see your performance plateau. So as we’re officially in running season, what better time could there be to share some running advice?

Whether you’re aiming for a race day personal best, participating just for fun, using running as a body shaping tool or just trying to be healthy, keeping these things in mind will ensure you get results and look great while doing so!

Refine your technique

Run tall with your head up and hips forward. You should make contact with the ground under your body, not way out in front. Your contact with the ground should also be light and fast.

Increase your stability

Running, by definition, involves being on one leg at a time, and this requires good hip stability. Strengthening your gluteus medius (a muscle in your butt) with clams, single leg glute bridges and lunges will help. These types of exercises make you more stable, stronger and more powerful, helping you glide effortlessly along the pavement. They will also reduce your risk of injury and, as a great bonus, tone your butt!

Train to get faster

If you keep running the same distance at the same speed…then you’ll get very good at running at that same speed! To get faster and improve your race pace, you should implement interval training into your running program. This just means pushing yourself with bouts of running beyond your comfortable pace, and interspersing this with rest periods.

Have the right equipment

It’s important to invest in the right gear. Get fitted for running shoes by professionals who analyse your running technique and experience, then match the right shoe for you. It’s also worth spending a little extra on running clothes that not only look good but are also made from fabric that’s comfortable and breathes properly.

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Neil Russell
Neil Russell is the founder of ATLETA and one of the most highly qualified, experienced and sought after trainers in Sydney. He has trained Hollywood celebrities, models, top athletes and high profile corporate clients. He started working in the fitness industry as a gym instructor in 2001, while studying Human Movement Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). In 2004, he spent hours performing physiological testing on athletes in the UTS human performance laboratory and wrote his thesis examining the physiology of team sports performance. For his research paper he received a First Class Honours Degree. Since completing his major work, Neil has built a reputation of being an authority on exercise and sports performance training having had a number of articles published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. He is currently the resident expert exercise consultant for Weight Watchers magazine, and has featured in other publications such as CLEO, Men’s Style and Woman’s Day. Neil also lectures at the State Sport Centre (ACPE) and has taught at UTS and UNSW. As an Exercise Physiologist Neil is able to safely help professional athletes and his personal training clients achieve their individual goals, even when they present with an injury or chronic pain. Boasting unparalleled professional experience and knowledge, combined with his passion for maximizing his clients physical and psychological wellbeing, Neil is the ideal person to help you achieve your goals.