Get a beautiful toned back with this easy yoga move

one-legged Chaturanga, Bianca Cheah
Photography by Eddie New | Bianca wears Country Road Active Flex Orbit Tank $69.95 and Flex Orbit Leggings $89.95 | Location Barre Body Studio Sydney 

Our backs are often the most neglected part of our bodies when it comes to fitness. Personally, though, I think the most feminine part of a woman is a toned back. Bulging back muffin around bras and bikinis isn’t the most flattering look and while it’s all too easy to just cover up these unflattering bits when warm weather arrives, it would be far better to just target that one area with an exercise that really works.

From my experience with yoga, the Spirit Dive, or as some of you know it as the One-Legged Chaturanga, is my favourite way to tone my back. And since taking up yoga and incorporating this easy move, I’ve seen a huge difference in the way my back looks. And it’s all to do with the dive from the Three-Legged Dog.

So how do you tone your back with the Spirit Dive?

I would suggest incorporating the Spirit Dive into your daily sun salutes when you wake up of a morning or later in the afternoon after work. Just remember the Spirit Dive is the flow through from a Three-Legged Dog down into a Chaturanga

1. Starting in a Downward Dog position, hands and feet hip-width apart, exhale and sink the heels of your feet down into the earth whilst pushing your thighs back behind you.

2. Inhale and raise your left leg up into a Three-Legged Dog with your hips square to the ground and chest pressed firmly back to your quads.

3. Exhale and bend your elbows.

4. Inhale slowly, then dive your chest down and gently sweep the ground as you roll up into your Upward Dog. You should feel your lats (back), shoulders and triceps working here. The slower you do this move, the more your muscles will switch on. I like to count to three.

5. Exhale then, push back and roll over your toes as you come to rest in your Downward Dog.