Get financially fit & change your life’s course

We spend so much of our valuable time and energy trying to exercise properly and put the right balance of foods into our stomachs so that we can confidently go out into the world looking and feeling our fabulous best.

Many of us invest in personal trainers, yoga classes, innovative equipment and gym memberships, whilst slurping on green smoothies and high quality (read: expensive) fruits and veggies, not to mention pay for lots of fantastic alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture and kinesiology. The number of things you can pay for to invest your health is virtually endless these days!

While some of these ingredients for health and fitness will certainly contribute to your happiness and sense of wellbeing long term, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of our financial fitness when it comes to striving for overall peace and self-satisfaction.

In short, feeling in control of our money (and having more of it) makes us happier people.

Here’s my advice for staying financially fit

The stress that comes from not having enough finances or feeling guilty about not being more responsible with our hard-earned cash, can really work against us in quest to feel great about ourselves, inside and out. At times, it can encourage us to self-sabotage.

Yet, it really is so easy to tone and strengthen our financial muscles! You can chose this moment right now to include your money matters in your personal wellness goals.

Canna Campbell, Financial advice, SugarMumma.TVWhile ‘financial flabbiness’ can be due to our lack of knowledge or overwhelming (and at times intimidating) information, there are so many emotional benefits to being savvy and proactive with your cash flow and savings.

Whether your goal is to build a multi-million dollar investment portfolio or simply to get yourself out of debt, one thing I can promise you is that by actively working on your financial goals, by using the right thoughts, feelings and actions behind them (which I will be discussing in future stories here on Sporteluxe) you will quickly ease some of that day-to-day stress and even find a new level of motivation, focus and interest.

Just a few simple improvements or adjustments to your financial techniques and knowledge can see you sitting in a far more attractive and exciting financial future for yourself, and potentially free up more time and resources for yourself. Who wouldn’t love more money for an earlier retirement or even more holidays to enjoy with family and friends?

The biggest and most important point to note right now is this: the earlier you get started on building your financial fitness, the sooner you get to experience the pride and sense of control that comes from taking a responsible and proactive approach to your financial wellbeing and future freedom. And the greater the results, too!

So let nothing hold you back. Make a decision for yourself today to include your financial independence in your overall fitness and wellbeing goals. I personally guarantee that you will never look back as you work toward achieving an exciting and liberating financial future for yourself.

I look forward to helping you start this journey.

TIP: For a little extra inspiration right now, check out this video (just click on the main picture above), which is the first of my SugarMamma.TV series, designed to educate, motivate and empower everyday people to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives.

Photo by Grace Alyssa Kyo 
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