Get gorgeous toned arms with this easy video workout

Bianca Cheah and Kate kendall wear outfits by lululemon athletica | location Flow Athletic

The term ‘bingo wings’ sounds about as appealing as it is to wave them around – they wobble, they get in the way, they weigh us down, they even limit our wardrobe! And yet most of us do have them to some degree.

Still, despite the fact our triceps are one of those problematic body areas we all love to hate, what constantly surprises many fitness experts is that many women don’t know how to train them (and fix their bingo wobble in the process!).

Want to learn how to get svelte, toned triceps? Well, read on…

For this video we asked yoga expert and Flow Athletic co-founder, Kate Kendall, to demonstrate her favourite Warrior Yoga sequence for toning the triceps, which – best of all – can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. You can practice this while you’re watching television or first thing in the morning in your bedroom. There’s no need for a massive studio or personal trainer, which means no excuses either!

Kate’s tip: Practicing this workout repeating on every side until 30 mins is up, three times a week, is all you need to really firm your tricep area.

→ Watch the video HERE 

You’ll need:

1 x extra thick yoga mat

We ♥ → lululemon athletica Reversible Mat $89


1 x hand weight (we’re using 1kg)

We ♥ → Reebok 1kg Soft Grip Hand Weight, $40 approx

Reebok weights