Meet health coach, wholefoods chef and author Lee Holmes

As a holistic health coach, hatha yoga teacher and wholefoods chef; Lee Holmes is a triple-threat when it comes to wellness wisdom. She’s also the creator of Supercharged Food and a best-selling author. Her latest offering, Eat Yourself Beautiful (Murdoch; $35), is full of delicious recipes to get you glowing from the inside out.

How do you start your day?

I start by having a shower and then do a 20 minute yoga and meditation practice.

What does being healthy mean to you?

It means feeling comfortable with yourself and being at peace with your life.

How do you nourish your body?

I eat an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of good fats, and wholefoods which nourish my body.

Any health secrets you swear by?

I love to do oil pulling, an Ayurvedic practice where you swish extra virgin coconut oil around in your mouth for about 10 minutes daily.

How do you move your body?

I do yoga on a daily basis. It’s not only good for the body but the mind too.

Any natural beauty secrets?

I use avocado oil on my skin it is a wonderful moisturiser and keeps my skin soft and supple. Click here to find out Lee’s top beauty-boosting foods.

Any tips for bringing more balance into your life?

I like to meditate when I get overly busy. Or do a couple of yoga poses which involve bringing the head down below your knees. A standing forward bend really clears the mind and brings clarity.

How do you motivate yourself if you’re ever feeling flat and uninspired?

I have a period of time where I don’t work and just sit and look at the sky or do something simple and fun like going for a walk in nature. It’s amazing how much better you feel after you have taken some time out.

What are your healthy travel essentials?

I travel with sardines. I know that might sound crazy but they are the best source of protein and calcium and good fats and they keep me going wherever I am!

Do you have a personal mantra or quote that resonates with you?

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Name three things you can’t live without.

My daughter, my dog Cashew and my gorgeous man.

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