The Perfect Getaway Car!

If you’re planning on buying a car that will match your handbag or turn heads when you pass, then consider the Gucci Fiat, as this is one super stylish car for you.

Straight off the Italian catwalk, the eye-catching glossy pearl white Fiat Gucci is a beautifully executed edition. The standout feature is Gucci’s trademark “GG” logo that is embedded into the caps of the 16-inch alloy wheels, so precision driving is key for anyone who always seems to scratch their rims like me! Inside the car you will find leather embossed Gucci logo headrests with matching green-red-green seatbelts. Don’t think for a minute that this car is too in your face with Gucci. It’s actually quite subtle and completely exudes style and class. Driving the car is very easy as it offers either manual or auto. I found that driving it in manual gave the drive a quicker ride around the city. Bluetooth, xenon headlights and rear parking sensors all come standard with the car. But my favourite part was the Gucci coloured material rooftop that slid all the way back down to the back head rests. And yes, there is a boot if you’re wondering. it’s small, but it’s just big enough to fit a suitcase and any shopping that you may have from the days trip.

So if you’re planning on matching your fashion to your car, then consider the fantastic collaboration between two of Italy’s finest, the Fiat Gucci.


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