Girl’s view on what it’s really like to drive a Ferrari (like Kylie Jenner!)


kyliejennerKylie Jenner may have just landed one as an eighteenth birthday present, but most of us could only dream of what it feels like to drive a sports luxe Ferrari convertible.

It’s widely regarded a ‘man’s dream’ fast car, but what woman wouldn’t secretly yearn to feel the wind in her hair as she cruises down the highway? Looks aside, image that feeling of being free and fast!

Ferraris are not only are a superbly built Italian car, but they symbolise power and authority (Australian PR powerhouse and media identity Roxy Jacenko owns one). There’s a reason they turn heads when seen on the road.

No wonder cashed-up stars love this brand as much as motoring aficionados. Rumour and social media both suggest Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner was given a convertible white Ferrari by her boyfriend Tyga for her eighteenth birthday last week. Lucky girl

So you can only image how ecstatic Team Sporteluxe was to have the opportunity to drive a convertible Ferrari California T for a whole weekend (and a white one, no less – just like Kylie’s – which screams elegant luxury even more than the red variety!).

With the drop-top down and heater on our feet (it was winter after all), we cruised through the open roads of the Southern Coasts Great Pacific Drive. To our absolute surprise, it was actually very beautiful and incredibly  simple to drive, despite the rumours (and our assumption) it’s a heavy, powerful, tricky car to handle.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Everything happens at the touch of a button, even theside indicators (which can take a while to get used to actually). It was a dream to drive.

After just a short while, it became amusingly obvious pretty much every other car gave way to the ours, which made the experience even more special. All eyes were always on this hot white convertible Ferrari. There’s was no hiding (that we can say).

So for all you ladies who love luxurious fast sports cars, then this type of sexy, sleek Ferrari is just for you (that’s if you have the cash to spend).

Super sporty, elegant and versatile, the Ferrari California T is our top pick for any sports-luxe woman who loves indulgent, elegant things and the wind in her hair!