Give your desk a healthy makeover!

Considering how much time most of us spend hunched over our computers during the day, surrounding yourself in a happy, uplifting and calm environment can make the world of difference – not only to your mood but also to the quality of your work. Overhaul your desk space to encourage creativity, boost productivity, and well, just because it’ll look pretty!

Start with deciding what items you need, use and love, and remove anything else that no longer serves a purpose (we’re looking at you, take away coffee cup from last week) “A cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind,” shares Jane Langof, Feng Shui Concepts. “It causes worry, confusion, blockages, obstacles, and leaves little room for new opportunities to enter your life. De-cluttering is powerful because changes to your external environment reflect internal changes, within yourself.  Removing obstacles helps energy to flow, along with clarity and the potential for new opportunities.”

“The quality of energy in your surroundings will affect your ability to think clearly and focus on your goals,” Jane adds. “Surround yourself with objects and colours that help you to feel calm and reduce stress and avoid displaying items that you find annoying,” she advises.

Ready to give your workspace a zen makeover? Here are a few ways to get you started!

Choose the right colours

Yellow is a good colour for concentration and focus, and neutral colours are generally fine to use in your home and workspace,” advises Jane. “Avoid using the colour red in large expanses such as feature walls. Energetically this colour can have quite an impact on people, intensifying energy whether it is positive or negative.”

Butler and bentley chic flowers

Incorporate indoor plants or fresh flowers

According to workplace research conducted at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, office plants  can increase creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. So making your favourite bloom your desk buddy will improve air quality, help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. This is especially ideal for spaces like high-rise office buildings where windows aren’t able to be opened.

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Ecoya pear candle

Burn a candle

Think sweet and floral undertones or soft and calming scents like vanilla or sandalwood. For extra effect and ambience, try a wood wick candle that makes a crackling sound as it burns. Not allowed to burn candles in your office? Try an essential oil diffuser instead.

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Natural Salt Lamp 1.8-3kg

Add a Himalayan salt lamp

Not only do these glowing pink lamp look pretty, they also improve the general atmosphere and air quality of a room. They’re also said to have numerous health benefits due to their ionizing properties. Exposure to high frequency patterns from technology that constantly surrounds us is said to have negative effects on our bodies such as sleep disturbances and lack of concentration.

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Incorporate some inspiration

Inspirational pictures, quotes and holiday snaps are great to have around. By reminding you of happy times and special memories, they can automatically boost your current mood, and also act as a motivator to keep working towards your goals.

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Jurlique Rosewater balancing mist

Keeping a facial mist, containing rose or lavender water on your desk is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. It will also refresh and calm your entire being. Remaining hydrated also reduces fatigue and increases alertness. So always keep a bottle of water where you can see it to act as a constant reminder to keep on sipping and up your h2O intake.

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