Glow like Jessica Alba with these tinted moisturisers

Jessica Alba, tinted moisturiser

In summer it’s often just too hot in summer to wear lots of make-up. Which makes tinted moisturiser the perfect solution! They’re easy to apply, lightweight and provide a helpful amount of hydration to stop your skin drying out from the heat. We’ve put together some of our favourite natural tinted moisturisers to try.

Tinted pure
Shop → 100% Pure Tinted Moisturiser, $36.95

Ever wondered how Jessica Alba’s skin is primed to perfection 24/7? This little gem is the answer! She attributes her glowing complexion to this vegan, natural mineral moisturiser that utilises pomegranate, carrot, coco bean and even goji berries to provide lightweight coverage and gently conceal imperfections.

Tinted La Mav
Shop → La Mav Organic BB Cream, $39.95

They say it provides an anti-ageing properties, natural protection from the sun as well as leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. A foundation, moisturiser with UV protection, this BB Cream by La Mav really lives up to its claim to be as ‘the ultimate multi-tasker’!

Tinted kora
Shop → Kora Organics Tinted Day Cream, $59.95

This Tinted Day Cream by Miranda Kerr’s brand, Kora Organics is a natural alternative to foundation. Quick, easy to apply, hydrating and it allows your skin to breathe. In other words, it’s a product you need in your beauty bag!

Tinted perfect potion
Shop → Perfect Potion Tinted Moisturiser, $39.95

This tinted moisturiser will soften, smooth and even out your skin tone to provide a sheer, natural coverage with SPF15 sun protection. We love their user of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils combined with vitamin E to soothe your skin.

Tinted organic wear
Shop → Organic Wear Natural Origin Tinted Moisturiser, $24.95

Infused with organic fruit water to nourish and help restore your skin’s natural moisture balance, this SPF15 tinted moisturiser will leave you with a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion. It features 80% certified organic ingredients including jojoba, sunflower and avocado oils as well as shea butter. Yum!

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