Gorgeous winter hair advice from Megan Gale

Megan Gale, winter hair care, Loreal

Over-styling, chlorinated swimming pools, pollution and chemical-laden products are all the natural enemies of beautifully healthy hair, but in the winter months, our tresses can take an extra beating. We spoke to hair-savvy model Megan Gale, the face of L’Oreal Paris’ new Hair Expertise range of sulphate-free luxury products and its Beauty of Pure campaign about her biggest hair challenges in cooler weather and how she beats them.

Megan Gale’s winter hair care advice

How do your biggest hair issues change season to season?

Megan: “I have a lot of hair and the bottom three or four inches just gets quite dry and really frizzy toward the ends in summer. But in winter – and I’m not sure if this is because of the weather elements, the cold or indoor heating – it can get a really lifeless.”

So do you switch up the products you use to suit the problem?

Megan: “I do gravitate toward different things depending on things like the time of year and the environment. The great thing about the new Hair Expertise range is that there are four different ranges to suit different kinds of hair. So in summer, I’d use the Ultra Rich range because it’s super smoothing at time my hair is really frizzy. If I’ve had my hair coloured, I would use the Pure Colour range because I want to hold onto the colour. For winter, I’d use the Ever Strong strengthening and repairing products.”

Megan Gale, winter hair care, Loreal

What’s your best winter quick fix hair tip?

Megan: “Think about how you style your hair to suit the season. If it’s windy and rainy outside, you step outside with a beautiful blow-dry and it’s at the mercy of the weather. Instead, I’d create a beautiful top-knot or textured pony tail that can handle those kind of elements when you’re out, but still has a beautiful stylish look. That’s what I do anyway – it’s my way of getting around things.”

You’re an advocate for holistic wellness. How does that spill into the products you use?

Megan: “I’ve always tried to take care of myself both inside and out. My belief is, it’s your body and you’re in charge of it, so you should try to do everything you can to look after it to your best ability. The Beauty of Pure campaign and Hair Expertise range really resonates with me because it ties in with that whole philosophy. Using products that are sulphate free and include high quality botanical oils suits my lifestyle and the goals I have for me and my body. There are obviously some fantastic sulphate-free products there out on the market but I think this one is great because it’s a premium product as well.”

You mentioned you love natural oils? How do you use them day to day?

Megan: “I love essential oils and botanical oils and I use them all the time, whether it’s in the bath or in a body oil. It’s the kind of product I’ve always gravitated toward, so to be able to use that in a product for my hair [in the Hair Expertise range] as well is lovely. I think that people are now getting more mindful about finding products that are better for them and their bodies. That’s really wonderful.”

Do you have a favourite hair product you couldn’t live without?

Megan: “There’s an Ultra Rich 100 per cent sulphate-free Precious Oil Mist in the new Hair Expertise range and I use that pretty much every day. It’s a really beautiful, smoothing, nourishing product, so that one has been getting a bit of a workout from me lately. It’s great after you wash your hair just to put on the ends while your hair’s still wet, and before styling as well.”

Watch Megan Gale in the mesmerising Beauty of Pure winter ’15 campaign video here.

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