Gourmet meals can now be delivered straight to your office

Melbourne foodies rejoice! Suppertime has teamed up with some of the best restaurants in Melbourne, and will be delivering gourmet meals right to your office or home because sometimes a soggy sandwich or cheap take-away meal just won’t cut it.

Melbourne’s new healthy food delivery service

Spearheaded by dynamic duo David Berger and Nathan Besser of late-night alcohol delivery service, Jimmy Briggs, Suppertime is proving that a busy lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of nutritious and delicious food.

Having successfully launched in Sydney, tapping into Melbourne’s enviable food culture has always been the business’ ambition.

“Melbourne is considered the foodie-hub of Australia. With so many delicious feeds to be had across this diverse city, launching Suppertime locally is an exciting move for our brand. Our goal is to bridge the gap between quality food and convenience. In other words, those craving an easy meal are no longer restricted to fast food or a cheap eat from their closest chain store or pizza joint,” says Besser.

But where Suppertime differs from its competitors is that it only partners with restaurants that don’t already offer home delivery, using their own drivers to pick up the food from the restaurant and deposit it into your waiting arms.

So with almost 50 venues to choose from, including +39 Pizzeria, Mamak, Mr. Big Stuff, and Mama’s Buoi, you can wave goodbye to monotonous dining.

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