The Greatest Wisdoms Our Mothers Ever Taught Us

Mothers Day

Every mum has an advice bank full of customised pearls of wisdom. Today, as we all remind the maternal-figures in our lives of just how much we love and appreciate them, the Sporteluxe team share some of the best health- and happiness-related advice we ever heard from ours.

Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo


Rachel Sharp

Editor in chief, Rachel Sharp, says of mum Judith:

 “When I was very small, mum taught me the rhyme, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me’. That’s an important lesson for self confidence and self belief I want to pass on to my two very young children as they grow. We can’t protect our kids completely from all the hurts in the world, but you can help them feel better about who they are inside and out. I’m so lucky my wise and patient mum did that for me.”
Melanie Davis

Graphic designer, Melanie Davis, says of mum Margie:

“My mum is about to turn 50 and she’s never been fitter! She’s always inspired me to lead a healthy and happy life, now more so than ever. She also taught me that small steps lead to big changes and dedication pays off.”

Emilie Sharp, Katie Sharp

Health & fitness writer, Emilie Sharp, says of mum Katie:

“Mum has always instilled in me the importance of having everything in moderation. We live healthy lives and exercise every day – things like long coastal walks or doing a Barre Body class together – so we can indulge and enjoy a little cheese or wine from time to time.” 
Bianca Cheah, Chantel Cheah, Robyn Cheah

Sporteluxe founder, Bianca Cheah, with twin sister Chantel, says of mum Robyn:

“My mother was more like my best friend growing up, so I always looked up to her and wanted to be her. She was such an inspiration to me and always my biggest supporter, giving me courage and determination in anything I undertook. The best advice mum gave me was to eat clean foods and get plenty of sleep so my body would love me right back.”
Olivia Boyd-Smith

Fashion & beauty writer, Olivia Boyd-Smith, says of mum Sheree:

“Mum always taught me that your health is your greatest wealth, so you should respect your body and nourish it from the inside out. She also reminded me to treat everyone you came across with kindness; you never know what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes.” 
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Rachel Sharp
As the only media identity in Australia to have edited both luxury fashion and fitness magazines, award-winning journalist Rachel Sharp has worked in Sydney, London and Dubai, holding the position of editor on titles including Harper’s BAZAAR and GRAZIA. In 2012, she successfully launched the Australian edition of Women’s Fitness magazine, which scooped Launch of the Year at the 2013 Publishers Australia Excellence Awards. Equal parts fashion-obsessed and fitness enthusiast, Rachel – who grew up in the idyllic beach town of Port Macquarie and is mum to two young children – holds a Bachelors degree in Medical Science and Masters in Writing for Media. Despite the fact she absolutely loves what she does for a living, Rachel would still rather be surfing or snowboarding than at her computer. Carpe diem!