Grey is the new black in the pet fashion world

Sporte The Frenchie, French Bulldog, Fuzz Yard

So after reading yesterday’s fashion story, grey is the new black, I thought I’d just let you know that its the same case in the pet fashion world. Woof, woof!

Introducing my latest Autumn buy: the Fuzz Yard Grey Hoodie. It definitely grabs the ladies’ attention when I prance around back alleys looking for fluff. Pop that hoodie up over my perky ears and I’m all attitude! It’s super comfy and stylish. I love the fact that this hoodie features very stretchable material and snap lock buttons too… and if you know where I’m going (literally).

Look out ladies, #SporteTheFrenchie –  in my new street chic hoodie – is on the prowl!

Sporte Onesy 1 Sporte onesy 2 Sporte onesy 3 Sporte onesy 4 Sporte onesy 6 Sporte onesy 7