Guess whose energising bathroom oasis this is?

Even a design novice will agree there’s something beautifully energising and elegant about a clean, modern and white interior – you just want to step inside and clear your mind and recharge amidst its welcome minimalism.

The same could be said of yogi Kate Kendall’s crisp white bathroom, which is a blank canvas oasis that can be transformed with colour, flora and products to suit her mood.

Kate Kendall’s energising bathroom oasis

A lover of botanicals and anything plant based, Kate loves to adorn her rooms with greenery. Why? They help to filter the air, providing a clearer space. “It’s about the spaces in between and how you can pause, reflect and just breathe,” she says.

Amongst Kate’s favourite bathroom accessories are her jumbo-sized mulberry Aveda Invati™ Shampoo and Conditioner bottles, not only because the product is amazing, but for their visual appeal too. (Mulberry is this season’s hottest colours fashion-wise and one of Kate’s favourite hues.)

The Flow Athletic yoga teacher is a fan of the Aveda Invati system given the brilliant effect of the brand’s thickening shampoo and conditioner on her silky fine blonde hair. Even after a heavy yoga session, her hair manages to look lustrous, so our interest was peaked when she mentioned this wonder product (we were frantically scribbling the name on a piece of paper). After all, who doesn’t want thick and luscious hair?

Missoni towels also add a pop of vibrant colour that Kate says makes her feel uplifted after a morning shower, while Shampure scented candles in organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang that provide the sensory environment to wind down after a busy day.

As beautiful and serene as Kate’s bathroom is, we always say a true reflection of a person is how they live in their home environment and arrange it. Kate exudes, health, wellbeing and energy, which are clearly present in this stylish, serene washroom area.

Aveda, Thickening hair shampoo Aveda, Thickening hair shampoo Aveda, Thickening hair shampooAveda, Thickening hair shampoo Aveda, Thickening hair shampoo

Aveda, Thickening hair shampoo

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