Gym hair secrets! Easy tricks to ensure your locks look great after a workout

Here are my simple tips for ensuring your hair looks great post-workout.

The lunchtime gym hair refresh! How to make your blow dry last through a training session

Your head sweats more around the hairline and neckline, so this is the area of your hair that needs to be protected the most. If possible, keep blotting the area as you are training to avoid oil build-up. It’s also a great idea to spray a little dry shampoo both before and after your session. Post-workout, flip your head upside down and blast cold air throughout your hair, using the cold shot setting of the hairdryer. This will help add more volume to your hair and cool you down at the same time!

Washed your hair after a workout but don’t have enough time to dry it? Here’s what to do!

Fitting in a workout before work can be tricky enough, let alone having enough time to wash and style your hair afterwards! If you don’t have time to blow dry your hair for work, you can always slick back into a tight pony using some hair gel while it is still wet. Alternatively, you could braid your hair back into a bun or pony, plaiting through to the ends. Not only is this a polished work look, but when you release the plait later in the afternoon, you’ll find your hair has been set into a gorgeous textured wave. Perfect for a post-work dinner or night out!

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Hamish Glianos
As the founder and creative director of PEOPLE Hairdressing, Hamish Glianos is one of Australia’s most accomplished and well-respected hairdressers. Hamish initiated the PEOPLE Hairdressing brand and ethos around a simple philosophy of individualised, contemporary and wearable hair fashions. Hamish’s down-to-earth nature meant he has attracted and built a team of highly-skilled hairdressers with similar personalities who make PEOPLE Hairdressing synonymous with great hair and real customer service. At the age of 17, Hamish was sure he wanted to be a hairdresser and was eager to learn from the best. He began his apprenticeship as a barber spending his early years refining men’s cutting techniques and learning the importance of attention to detail. Soon looking for more scope, Hamish decided to develop his skills further and move into ladies haircutting and styling which is when he joined Stelios Papas salon in Brisbane. “At the time, Stelios was the only man to work for. He had produced some of Australia’s finest hairdressers and I knew if I wanted to be the best, I had to be part of his team,” says Hamish. After completing his apprenticeship, and knowing that cutting and styling was his passion, Hamish moved to London, the home of hairdressing technique and foundation, where he worked in a leading Mayfair salon. During Hamish’s time in London he was able to ground his hairdressing technique which he is constantly developing to create up to date and wearable hair fashion for his consumers. Hamish has since developed a strong reputation with his consumers and hairdressers alike. He has a loyal celebrity clientele and passes on his knowledge through educational workshops for the hairdressing industry and the team at PEOPLE Hairdressing.