Gym in your suitcase! Three must-pack items to keep you fit on holiday

Just because you are away on holiday doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness slide or undo the good work you’ve put in to get yourself into great shape. Rather than relying on hotel gyms or finding somewhere to workout when you arrive why not plan ahead and pack a few fitness essentials? These three pieces of equipment will all help keep you in shape. They’re also super lightweight and take up hardly any room in your luggage!

Resistance band, Commando Steve


1. Resistance Band

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You can do head-to-toe workouts with resistance bands. They now also come in great variety of resistance strengths. So everyone can get a great workout from beginner to advance.




2. TRX

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If you haven’t used a TRX suspension training system yet, you need to give it a try! The TRX offers a great high-resistance work and out all you need is somewhere secure to anchor it such a tree branch, chin up bar or even a sturdy door if you have a door jam.



Running shoes, Adidas by Stella McCartney running shoe, Adidas BOOST

3. Good runners

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These days sportswear is fashionable and functional and if you are doing a lot of walking on your holiday you should be taking your runners anyway. Now you can go for a run, jog or walk to explore the area you are staying in and wear them for your workout.


Expert Tip: Train in down times or early morning before breakfast or before you go for a swim. It will help adjust your body clock and improve your quality of sleep. Limit your workout to 30 minutes max. You can achieve what you need with three half an hour sessions a week. You are on holiday after all!

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Neil Russell
Neil Russell is the founder of ATLETA and one of the most highly qualified, experienced and sought after trainers in Sydney. He has trained Hollywood celebrities, models, top athletes and high profile corporate clients. He started working in the fitness industry as a gym instructor in 2001, while studying Human Movement Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). In 2004, he spent hours performing physiological testing on athletes in the UTS human performance laboratory and wrote his thesis examining the physiology of team sports performance. For his research paper he received a First Class Honours Degree. Since completing his major work, Neil has built a reputation of being an authority on exercise and sports performance training having had a number of articles published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. He is currently the resident expert exercise consultant for Weight Watchers magazine, and has featured in other publications such as CLEO, Men’s Style and Woman’s Day. Neil also lectures at the State Sport Centre (ACPE) and has taught at UTS and UNSW. As an Exercise Physiologist Neil is able to safely help professional athletes and his personal training clients achieve their individual goals, even when they present with an injury or chronic pain. Boasting unparalleled professional experience and knowledge, combined with his passion for maximizing his clients physical and psychological wellbeing, Neil is the ideal person to help you achieve your goals.