Hair colour without the usual scalp sting: why we love this cool new product

Do you love your beauty treatments and regime to be as healthy and low irritant as possible? You’re certainly not alone. The growing awareness that what we slather and paint onto our skin can affect our health too means most of us would rather make ‘healthier’ beauty choices – as long as they still get A-grade results.

That’s why we were super excited to hear about a groundbreaking new product in the hair hue arena that’s ideal not only for people with sensitive scalps (which is most of us at some time, to some degree) but anyone who’d just rather keep things as low irritant as possible too. (Just like the growing trend for low-irritant, gluten free bread, whether you’re allergic or not. Why not avoid it if you can?)

Hair brand Wella Professionals, widely known for being industry leader in salon colour and clever with product innovation, has spent 20 years developing the Koleston Perfect Innosense range of professional (salon only) hair dyes. They give you the same high standard of vibrant colour, but use a completely new molecule called ME+, developed specifically to lower the risk of allergic reactions, which can range from really serious burns down to that familiar scalp tingle or sting most of us have felt mid- or post-permanent colour at some point.

In fact, this new product breakthrough is such a big deal, it’s the first hair colour to ever receive the tick of approval from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

What makes it even more impressive is the context that while new product launches are a regular thing in the hair care universe, the actual chemicals used have barely changed over the decades. For almost a century, permanent colour dyes have included PPD and PTD molecules as the key ingredient, but these can cause allergic reactions and scalp flare-ups, leaving your skin red and sensitive. Wella, Wella hair colour

Problem is anything using less than those traditional molecules just didn’t get amazing colour results, especially on grey hair – until now. In KP Innosense, they’ve been replaced with a new, patented molecule called ME+, which doesn’t stimulate the immune system ‘T cells’ on our scalps that recognise reactions, meaning less (or very much less likely) sting, flare and tears. You’ll even notice with the KP Innosense that it has a much softer smell.

It also means product can be applied closer to your scalp because it’s less irritating, meaning a cleaner colour that doesn’t already have the beginnings of regrowth on close inspection the day you walk out of the salon! The range offers 100 per cent coverage up to three levels of lift and comes in 22 beautiful shades, from sophisticated blonde and brunette to bold black and daring red.

KP Innosense isn’t organic, but it’s great for people with allergies and sensitivities, as well as those who just want a healthier lifestyle. Sure, there are already ‘low irritant’ ammonia-free and organic colour ranges about, but unlike KP Innosense, none of them are permanents.

Select salons also offer a special 10-minute guided meditation recording, created for KP Innosense by Australian wellbeing expert and Aurora Spa founder Lyndall Mitchell, to help you ‘take ten’ and treat your mind and body, while your colourist treats your locks.

Given Sporteluxe is all about body-conscious choices that co-exist with sensational results, this new range absolutely gets our tick. See you at the salon!

Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself! Wella Professionals KP Innosense is available at Wella Salons nationwide. Chat to your colourist for more information or find your nearest salon here.


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