Hair contouring is officially a thing

KardashiansIf you thought contouring was just for the face and body, you thought wrong. Hair contouring is officially a thing. We delve into the newest beauty craze taking salons by storm.

The Kardashian’s brought face contouring into the spotlight a few years ago, and the make up technique has since taken over the beauty world. Now, hair contouring is the latest craze taking social media and salons by storm.

Essentially it involves meticulously placing highlights to certain areas of your hair in order to enhance or subdue certain features. We chatted to Editorial Hair Stylist and Creative Director of Valonz Salon, Renya Xydis to decode this new trend.

Q: What is hair contouring? 

“When applying colour, this technique cleverly plays light and shades in various tones to create depth and movement by mapping out the placement of highlights and low lights. Essentially, it is a form of balayage that works in similar ways to applying bronzer and highlighter to accentuate your best features.”

Q: How is it achieved?

“Just like with any colour, it’s important to first consider face shape as hair contouring can be tailored to help accentuate or disguise certain features. Darker tones are applied to help create the illusion of a more narrow face shape, whereas lighter tones will help lengthen if needed. A combination of free hand application and highlights are always better as they create a more natural contrast between light and depth. The result should always be subtle, using selected tones to complement your skin tone, face shape and natural colour whilst making your eyes pop!”

Q: Do you know of any celebrities that demonstrate this style?

Lauren Conrad, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba are perfect example of celebrities who demonstrate this style. It is almost as though they are rocking a healthier version of their natural colour.”

So now that you’ve got all the facts, would you try hair contouring?