Hair health secrets! The simple trick to longer locks and a healthier scalp

Beautifull hair

Healthy hair stems from your follicle. So if you want healthy hair you need to wash your hair and scalp properly. Follow this simple step-by-step process for maximum hair health benefits and results.

1. Start by using a paddle brush with soft bristles to brush through your hair and scalp thoroughly. This will stimulate blood flow to your hair follicle and ​remove dead skin.

2. Then shampoo twice! Yes, you need to shampoo more than once. The first shampoo removes the outer layer of dirt on your hair shaft and requires a larger amount of product depending on your hair length. Begin by emulsifying the shampoo in your hands. Then apply to wet hair to form a lather. Thoroughly massage your scalp with vigorous movements to cleanse then drag through the hair in a downward motion to avoid tangles. The second shampoo will need much less product and will form a lather quickly. Repeat the same process as first shampoo.

3. Rinse thoroughly to finish. Squeeze out all excess moisture and apply conditioner to mid-lengths and ends. Comb through to remove tangles and rinse thoroughly. And there you have it: the right way to wash your hair to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth!

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Hamish Glianos
As the founder and creative director of PEOPLE Hairdressing, Hamish Glianos is one of Australia’s most accomplished and well-respected hairdressers. Hamish initiated the PEOPLE Hairdressing brand and ethos around a simple philosophy of individualised, contemporary and wearable hair fashions. Hamish’s down-to-earth nature meant he has attracted and built a team of highly-skilled hairdressers with similar personalities who make PEOPLE Hairdressing synonymous with great hair and real customer service. At the age of 17, Hamish was sure he wanted to be a hairdresser and was eager to learn from the best. He began his apprenticeship as a barber spending his early years refining men’s cutting techniques and learning the importance of attention to detail. Soon looking for more scope, Hamish decided to develop his skills further and move into ladies haircutting and styling which is when he joined Stelios Papas salon in Brisbane. “At the time, Stelios was the only man to work for. He had produced some of Australia’s finest hairdressers and I knew if I wanted to be the best, I had to be part of his team,” says Hamish. After completing his apprenticeship, and knowing that cutting and styling was his passion, Hamish moved to London, the home of hairdressing technique and foundation, where he worked in a leading Mayfair salon. During Hamish’s time in London he was able to ground his hairdressing technique which he is constantly developing to create up to date and wearable hair fashion for his consumers. Hamish has since developed a strong reputation with his consumers and hairdressers alike. He has a loyal celebrity clientele and passes on his knowledge through educational workshops for the hairdressing industry and the team at PEOPLE Hairdressing.