Happiness on a plate in Melbourne!

Calling all you Melbourne foodies out there! We may have found your new happy place. Opening in early 2015, Serotonin Kitchen in Richmond is poised to become Melbourne’s next healthy hotspot. This isn’t just your regular kitchen though. With a smoothie and juice bar and location backing right onto The Golden Square Bicentennial Park, it’s a place for the whole family. Even your pets!

We all know there is a strong link between our physical health and our happiness. But founder of Serotonin Kitchen, Emily Arundel believes the connection is more direct than we might realise. She’s worked with an abundance of health professionals, from dieticians to nutritionists, to concoct a menu that will make you grin from ear-to-ear. Literally! Mood-boosting fresh ingredients will be used to make everything from sushi to cabbage leaf taco shells to healthy chips and acai bowls. If there’s no room in the restaurant or if you simply fancy enjoying your hearty plant-based meal with the plants themselves, you’ll be able to take your meal to the park in a picnic hamper.

If the menu isn’t enough to get your heart rate going, Serotonin Kitchen also plans will utilise the park for outdoor yoga, personal training and even activities that you can take your dog to! There will also be also a little something that they’ve dubbed the “sports box” which aims to encourage you to have a kick of the footy while your smoothie is blending. Healthy food and fitness? We can’t wait!

For more info visit the Serotonin Kitchen website www.serotoninkitchen.com  or connect with them on Instagram @serotonindealer

Serotonin Kitchen
52 Madden Grove, Richmond, Victoria
Email: happy@serotoninkitchen.com
Website: serotoninkitchen.com
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