Trending: The Instagram healthie selfie!

Is this the new healthy selfie? You’ve probably seen lately that the Bridge Pose (above) has been trending on many instagram accounts around the world. The backdrops usually include some beautiful untouched beach, a luxury yacht, private island villa, grassy park or infinity pool to name a few. But for the most of us as we sit there in awe staring at these beautiful yoga pose images on instagram wishing how we could bend backwards and look like how she did in the image, feelings of inspiration and determination tend to get the better of us and before we know it, we’re drinking coconut water, exercising every day and then suddenly down at the beach trying the Bridge Pose ourselves. Yes it’s the new healthy selfie and a truly inspiring one. But just a word of advice before we all lay down to arch our backs, remember that the Bridge Pose comes with a lot of practice. So listen to the body and do what is comfortable for you to start with. Practice only makes perfect.

Benefits: The Bridge Pose is a fantastic pose for building lower body strength, lengthening and strengthening the spine. Always consult your yoga teacher.

Head to: A great studio to try for yoga is FLOW ATHLETIC in Paddington, Sydney.