Healing teas you’ll find in supermarkets AND trendy brew bars

Herbal teas

It might be blasphemous to be a non-coffee drinker these days, but wisdom comes with age and way, WAY before the strong/skinny/organic/soy/whatever, there was tea. So while coffee induces addiction, there’s a tea to cure pretty much everything else. It has powerful healing benefits which those in the East have known all along (for about 4,000 years to be precise) but the West has been a little late to loose leaf party. Forget stuffy porcelain cups and saucers, as we pointed out in this story last week, ‘tea bars’ are now a ‘thing’, so you can certainly sip these body-boosters from designer cafe glasses. But the great news is you’ll find them all in your big chain supermarket these days too. Chin chin.

Healing teas you’ll find in supermarkets and trendy brew bars

Green Tea

This is the mother of all teas and has been sipped for thousands of years. Full of antioxidants, it has strong medicinal properties and health benefits including improvement of brain function and lowering the risk of various types of cancer. It also boosts metabolic rate and can aid in weight loss. Albeit small, it does have some caffeine.

healing teas, tea bars


An antispasmodic, mint tea works wonders for motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. It’s menthol flavour kills germs so it can also aid with bad breath. Refreshing and soothing, it calms the muscle tract, easing tummy pain, cramps, digestion and bloating.


With its mild sedative effects, a cup before bed has been known to encourage sleep and induce relaxation. This sweet smelling tea can also reduce anxiety and stress due to its calming properties. It’s also popular as an effective way to aid menstrual cramps.


The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea can ease aches and pains associated with muscle and joint problems. It’s also especially good for warding off colds and relieving congestion, sore and irritated throats. It’s got a strong taste, so adding honey or lemon is common.


Origination in South Africa, it’s also known as bush tea or red tea. Choc-full of minerals including fluoride, manganese and calcium which makes it good for healthy bones and teeth. Rich in alpha hydroxy acid and zinc, it can aid with many skin ailments including acne and wound-healing. Healthy skin may start from within but some even suggest to steep it and apply topically.


healing teas, tea bars 

Above: The Temple House Tea House, Chendgu China 
To the right: The Rabbit Hole, Organic Tea Bar
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