Is Aloe Vera juice the new miracle drink?

aloe vera, aloe vera health benefits
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Well-hydrated skin usually equals glowing skin; which is why Aloe Vera is renowned for its beauty boosting and hydration benefits. Aloe Vera juice also has a soothing effect on digestion, containing a number of digestive enzymes and antioxidants that help to heal the gut, leading to the elimination of toxins, which of course vastly improves nutrient absorption- allowing all those superfoods to get straight to use!

What is happening to your skin, is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside, so let Aloe clear the way to give you clearer skin and a healthier you from the inside out.


aloe vera, aloe vera health benefits
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Sporteluxe Tip: Aloe has quite a strong pungent taste, if you cant bear with it straight, add one tablespoon into your smoothie and juice, no taste and all the health and beauty benefits to boot!


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