Healthy hipster coffee alternatives to try

coffee alternatives, matcha, cacao, dandelion tea

Most of us have a long-storied love affair with our daily caffiene (after all, tea and coffee are two of the finer things in life), but when your habit is starting to peak at six cups a day, you know its time to stop and take stock.

Whilst most western cities around the world have no shortage of reliable barista action, comes a time in our lives when we need to put our health first and ween off (at least a little). Luckily for us, there are plenty of equally satisfying and energy-boosting coffee alternatives at hand.

Our 4 favourite coffee alternatives

coffee alternatives, matcha, cacao, dandelion tea

Spiced chai

It takes three cups of chai tea to achieve the equivalent amount of caffeine you’d drink in a single cup of coffee. By virtue of this fact alone, switching to chai will cut your caffeine intake dramatically, but still allow you a small caffeine boost in one spicy warm package.

TIP: Add coconut milk for an extra delicious, creamy treat.

We love: Planet organic chai spice tea, $5.95


coffee alternatives, matcha, cacao, dandelion tea

Hot Maca cacao

Equal parts sweet and nourishing, this hot chocolate alternative won’t turn you into one big marshmallow over the chilly months. Cacao is packed full of nutrients to aid muscle contraction and boost immune function, so you’ll nourish your body and warm your soul with a cup of Maca cacao. It’s a simple superfood-filled coffee alternative.

METHOD: Mix one tablespoon of the Maca/cacao mix into hot water, a dash of nut milk and raw honey to sweeten.

We love: Maca & Cacao Blend 250 grams, $14.85

OR… Sydney-siders can dive into Orchard St to pick up the Mayan Lover Elixir, an exotic blend of Maca, cacao, chilli and coconut oil brewed on your nut milk of choice. It warms and nourishes your insides in the most indulgent and guilt free way and is a total Sporteluxe HQ fave!


coffee alternatives, matcha, cacao, dandelion tea


An instant coffee-like blend of dandelion root, roasted barley and rye goes further than being caffeine free; it also contains medicinal benefits to boot. Dandelion is known to cleanse the liver, in addition to balancing the pH levels in our bodies and contains no artificial additives or preservatives – not bad for a morning pick-me-up! So tuck into a warming cup of sweet roast dandelion, without the acidity and bitterness of traditional coffee, yet all of the health benefits and more.

We love: Instant Herbal Tea, $7.85


coffee alternatives, matcha, cacao, dandelion tea


Traditionally, Matcha has played a crucial role in tea ceremonies in China and Japan and has been used by Zen Buddhist monks for thousands of years. It’s absolutely packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help prevent cancer, heart disease and aging. We love that sipping on a cup of Matcha gives you a calm alertness without the jitters. Yes please!

We love: T2 Matcha Green Tea, $24
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