Healthy products your dog will love!

The wellbeing of our pets is important to us so we’ve complied a few healthy products that will suit your dog down to the ground and keep them as healthy as you!

Pet health fuzzyard

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Fuzzyard Express 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, $14.95

The natural combination of rosemary and peppermint oils will moisturize your dog’s skin and leave the coat super shiny! This express range by Fuzzyard will save time and water and is free from toxic chemicals.


Pet health vets all natural

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Vet’s All Natural Health Chew Training Treats by Dr Bruce Syme, $20.55, from Green Pet

Full to the brim with Omega 3, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, we these Health Chew Training Treats are a great reward for your canine companion!

pet health pet series

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Lock & Lock BPA Free Plastic Container, $10.05, 2.5L

Need something to store your new healthy pet treats? This BPA-free plastic container is the perfect solution. The lid has six locks to keep it air and water-tight as well as a flip top and easy pour function to get those last little treats into the bowl.

pet health pet spray

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OrganiPet Pet Perfume Spray, $10, 250mL

We think we’ve found the solution to that doggy odour that may arise between bath times – pet perfume! Designed for all pets, this spray has a blend of essential oils, chamomile, rosemary and sage and will leave your furry friends smelling fresh.

pet health pet pillow

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Barking Green Eco Lounge, $199.00

Handmade in Australia, this luxurious pet bed by Barking Green will become your dog’s fave spot to curl up for a nap. The reversible pillow is made of organic cotton canvas and is filled with organic Australian wool or can be filled with organic cotton for those of you who do not wish to use animal products.

DerMagic Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Pack, $50 from Green Pet

Free from harsh chemicals, this shampoo and conditioner twin pack is one of our top picks for your perfect pooch! It combines natural extracts of peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender, chamomile and rose hip seed oils with aloe very to cleanse and condition your dog’s skin and coat. To keep your dog’s coat as healthy as possible it’s recommended you don’t wash your dog more than twice a month or whenever they get dirty (whichever is longer).

Complete Meal Sausages for Dogs, from $28 for a box of 20 sausages from Life on The Hedge

Not only is the The Complete Pet Company’s range raw and natural, but it has been developed using organic meats and all human-grade ingredients making this food fit for a king!

Pure Earth International Pooch Pads, from $150

Just as buckwheat pillows are a great healthy and hygienic bedding option for us humans, they’re also great for our four-legged family members too.  Pure Earth offer a range of organic buckwheat pet beds in different shapes and sizes so your dog (or cat) can sleep soundly as well!


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