Healthy travel secrets revealed!

[divider]Sarah Ranawake, Sporteluxe partner/editorial director[/divider]

Sarah Ranawake

“I’m a total foodie and love discovering new healthy places to eat out when I travel. So before I leave I’ll get Googling to suss out some organic or wholefood cafes and put together a bit of hit list of places to visit. I also always pack my green superfoods powder valerian tablets to help me sleep and ArmaForce which is an amazing supplement to help fight off any lurgies you might pick up while away.

As for the actual flight itself I like to pop on an eye mask and do some Vedic Meditation to help counterbalance some of the stress flying places on your body. And I’m a firm believer in just saying no to plane food! Instead, pack your own meal, such as a quinoa salad, to eat on the plane. Some of my other fave plane snacks include raw nuts and raw chocolate, homemade popcorn cooked in coconut oil and sachets of organic miso and organic herbal tea bags. Just ask the flight attendant for some hot water and you’re good to go!”

Sarah Ranawake, Sporteluxe partner/editorial director

[divider]Neil Russell, exercise physiologist and founder of ATLETA[/divider]

Neil Russell“I’m always pretty active when I travel. I like seeking adventure, hiking or surfing mixed in with complete relaxation on my holidays. So it’s not an issue of staying healthy but rather perhaps losing muscle mass and fitness. I once had a photo shoot after four weeks backpacking around Europe. So I packed a TRX, which took up no room in my backpack. Every three to four days I found a tree to throw it over and did a quick 20 minute workout and was in great shape for the shoot. There’s a heap of stuff you can do while you’re travelling to stay fit; from packing a TRX or bands to hiking, running and swimming just to name a few.”

Neil Russel, exercise physiologist and founder of ATLETA



[divider]Bianca Cheah, Sporteluxe founder/creative director[/divider]

Bianca CheahTravelling can definitely take a toll on your health if you’re not careful. As well as the standard stuff, such as staying awake when you land in a new time-zone to avoid jetlag, packing my runners and making sure I stay hydrated on the plane, I also have two wellness secrets I rely on when I travel. The first is Bach Flower Remedies. Just a couple of drops of this herbal remedy under my tongue is all I need to help me calm down and fall asleep. I also always travel with magnesium tablets which are great for soothing sore muscles after a long flight and fighting jetlag and headaches.”

Bianca Cheah, Sporteluxe founder/creative director.



[divider]Larina Robinson wholefood dietician and founder of The Body Dietetics[/divider]

Larina Robinson“When I travel, my healthy eating essentials and fitness goes back to basics. Anytime I go away I do my best to walk as much as I can. It really helps you see more and it allows you to really experience the area like a local, rather than a traveller on a tourist bus. I’ll always take healthy snacks that are gluten, dairy and sugar-free, a water bottle, and workout clothes. Sometimes, I’ll take a skipping rope too. Otherwise, its body weight exercises wherever I can, and running when possible. If I am eating out a lot, I’ll take Iberogast with me too. It’s a natural tonic that helps combat digestive distress if I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t have!”

Larina Robinson wholefood dietician and founder of The Body Dietetics
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