Heat Up The Yoga Room In A Pair Of Onzie’s!

Bored of working out in the old faithful 3/4 black tight? Looking to add a bit of colour and spice things up? Well look no further as Onzie has just the range for you!

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, the Onzie string shorts are the perfect solution for your summer workout. Whether you’re sweating it out in a hot yoga room, spinning on the bike or swimming laps in the pool or ocean, the Onzie string shorts are made to be worn in any environment. Featuring a free-flow fabric technology that is durable, breathable and fast drying, the material will always keep your body cool, dry and most importantly comfortable. Available in a range of different prints to match your top, the Onzie string shorts will be your summer workouts best buddy!

Onzie 1

Onzie 2

Side String Short – Illusion $50
Onzie 3

Side String Short – Ice Gems 50
Onzie 4

Side String Short – Diamond Magic $50