Here’s A 20 Minute Full Body Workout You Can Do With One Kettlebell

They're not just for swings.

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From those 1950s slimming belt machines to shake weights, we’ve seen some pretty bizarre fitness contraptions come and go over the years. But if there’s one piece of workout equipment that has really stood the test of time, it’s the humble kettlebell.

While some people believe the concept of kettlebell training dates back as far as ancient Greece, it was first popularised in Russia in the 1800s where they were used for both strongman and army training. Fast forward to 2017 and they’re far more mainstream—you’ll find an assortment of kettlebells in pretty much any gym.

However, they also happen to be fantastic for at-home workouts. They don’t take up much room, are portable (great for taking them down to the beach or park) and give you an amazing full-body workout. Unlike dumbbells, a kettlebells’ centre of mass is away from the hand. This makes them perfect for dynamic, swinging movements—which blasts fat, increases core stability and boosts muscle endurance.

The only problem is, it can be hard to know what to actually do with kettlebells. So, we asked Kevin Toonen, strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Special Forces, owner of Strength Elite and Body Science expert to take us through his favourite kettlebell workout. Read on for an explosive 20-minute workout you can do anywhere, with just one kettlebell. Warning: It’s a toughie!

Full body kettlebell workout

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Do 8 reps of each exercise, moving through the round without putting the kettlebell down. Take a short rest as needed, then do 7 reps of each exercise, then 6 and so forth. Note: if you’re only using one, you may want to base your weight off what you can do for the snatch.

  • Single arm kettlebell swing (8 on each arm)

Learn to do it here.

  • Kettlebell snatch (8 on each arm)

See how it’s done here.

  • Kettlebell clean (8 on each arm)

Learn to do it here.

  • Kettlebell goblet squat

See how it’s done here.

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