High tech travel essentials we never spring break without

We may be obsessed with all things natural and unprocessed in terms of nutrition here at Sporteluxe, but when it comes to our fashion and stylish living, our focus is firmly on technology and cool innovation. So if you’re heading off on a spring break in the near future, these five high tech travel essentials that each of the team wouldn’t leave home without are guaranteed to inspire your packing. Happy well-heeled travels!

High tech travel essentials

Bianca’s pick: The multi-purpose wardrobe essential

   Bianca Cheah

Nike Tech Pack

Shop → Nike Tech Fleece $200.00

“I’m a huge fan of Nike Tech Pack – it’s stylish, but the Tech Fleece fabric is really innovative. There’s a flexible, really lightweight layer of plush foam in between soft cotton jersey layers, which means it traps air to keep you warm and insulated, but is super light and breathable. Which makes it perfect for chilly plane cabins and still looks smart when I land at the other end. The brand new style is a bit more streamlined than past ones, which is a nice, extra feminine-touch. And who doesn’t love a cool, cocoon-style hood? Perfection.”


Rachel’s Pick: Ear candy that’s functional

Rachel Sharp, Editor Sporteluxe

Nike Tech Pack, Bose

Shop → Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones $399.00

“I’m a huge music fan, so I love the clear and powerful sound that these headphones provide. Plus, Bose’s high-tech noise cancelling system makes them perfect for long and short haul trips – and for my running playlist when I head out to combine a holiday destination sight-seeing session with a jog.”


Emily’s Pick: The skin saving super cream

emily waight

Nike Tech Pack, ultraceuticals


Shop → Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex $89.00

“My mum always instilled in me the importance of taking care of my skin, especially when I’m travelling, which is why I love this luxe antioxidant serum. It’s free from harsh chemicals and is designed to protect skin from environmental pollutants, which in time causes premature ageing (and I most definitely do not want that!). And the tube is small enough to get the security tick for international hauls too.”


Melanie’s Pick: The simple diet balancer

Melanie Davis

Nike Tech Pack, the super elixir

Shop → WelleCo Nourishing Protein $59.00

“It’s easy to forget to eat well on holiday – or be tempted by the amazing holiday food. I always pack a supplement for while I’m away. I love this new low carb, vegan, organic protein powder with Raw Peruvian Cacao from the same company that makes The Super Elixir (which is best known as Elle Macpherson’s favourite green powder). It’s absolutely delicious, high in fibre and made from plants you’d recognise, like peas, dandelions, pomegranates, sprouted brown rice and pea protein. Trust me, it’s worth tucking into your luggage.”