High tech watches we’re excited about!

Being constantly on-the-go, we’re obsessed with wearable tech here at Sporteluxe. Operating on android, these super stylish watches do much more than just tell the time! We’ve scoped out some of the latest tech-savvy wrist candy to keep you connected to your social and work life when you’re on the go.

LG watch


Shop → Watch R W110, $359

It looks like a regular watch but it’s so much more! The screen fills the whole watch face making it easier than ever to see all the fab LG features. You can receive notifications of your heart rate while exercising and daily summaries can help you keep track of your fitness. You can also customise the watch to match your style with a number of different wrist straps available. Reach out to Google with a voice activated search for any essential info you need on-the-go, perfect when you’re looking for a great new healthy restaurant to dine at. It’s also dust and water resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. What’s not to love?! This bad boy is available now at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman so stick it on your list for Santa soon!



Shop →  Gear S, approx. $449

You’ll never have to carry your phone with you again when you work out with on your wrist! With 3G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply pop in a new SIM to experience the mobility of the Samsung Gear S and stay connected with or without a phone! Make and receive calls and send SMS messages via the onscreen keyboard and receive email and Facebook notifications on the fly (or on the run or ride)! It’s also got a built-in health application as well as GPS so you can track your workouts from beginning to end. The release date is set for 5 December in stores and online just in time for Christmas!

Asus watch


Shop → ZenWatch WI500Q, approx. $294.99

New to the smart watch market, the guys at Asus have created one which predicting to be a front-runner on the smart watch scene. This watch is the perfect combination of style, smart features and sophistication. Your whole world can fit on your wrist in a 1.6-inch OLED display and a beautiful leather strap. It will also organise your information and suggest what you need before you even ask. Talk about a clever companion! You can also get messages from your friends, meeting notifications and weather updates at a glance and respond to them by voice! Worried about getting notifications during an important meeting? Worry no more as this watch has a super cool silencing feature. Just place your hand over the face of the ZenWatch to easily mute an incoming call. It’s also got an inbuilt fitness tracker to help you achieve all of your health goals. We’re still waiting on Australian delivery dates but it’s already available in Europe and the US so you can pop it on your Christmas wish list as a potential present from an international relative or pre-order here.

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