Hike The Volcanoes Of Sicily

Ah Italy. The glorious land of pizza, pasta and gelato. It’s no surprise touring this fine nation usually ends with a few extra belt buckles in use but it doesn’t have to. Tour and taste all this vibrant culture has to offer and tone your thighs at the same time on the guided Volcanoes of Sicily tour. Hike through the seven islands of the Aeolian Archipelago and witness fresh lava flows, bathe in thermal hot springs, explore the coastal towns and snorkel off black sand beaches. To cap off the trip you climb 2900m above sea level to the top of Mt Etna for coastal panoramic views. Ciao bella. Image by Getty

Where: Sicily – Italy

What: Volcanoes of Sicily Guided Tour by Utracks

Cost: 8 Day Guided Tour $1990

More Info: www.utracks.com

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Ashleigh Perriott
Journo and health nerd, Ashleigh grew up in an active, health conscious family, spending most of her childhood at Little Athletics Events. Passionate about living life to it’s fullest she loves early mornings in the gym and hiking when she can sweet talk a friend into joining her. Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Communications - Journalism from Charles Sturt University and has been published in Handyman Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and Australian Healthy Food Guide.