Hot hair and makeup looks you’ll want to master for spring

Myer spring 15, Myer, fashion news

With spring just around the corner, we couldn’t have been more excited to watch the MYER Spring 2015 runway show for some warm-weather wardrobe inspiration.

Sure, we loved every piece showcased by dozens of models and ambassadors including Jennifer Hawkins, Kate Peck, Rachael Finch and Kris Smith (think lots of monotone, predominantly white, with pale blue and sparkle accents, plus glittering stilettos on both Jen and Rachael that would have made even Cinderella jealous).

But what also caught our attention was the slick, totally wearable luxe hair and makeup looks featured on female models, who looked like they’d been lounging around a five-star hotel pool in the Mediterranean.

So we headed backstage post show to chat to the two beauty gurus who headed up the hair and makeup teams, both of whom are household names here in Australia and on a global scale: makeup maestro Napoleon Perdis and master hair stylist Kevin Murphy.

Here’s the lowdown and hot tips we gathered from both…

The make-up: Napoleon Perdis

Myer spring 15, Myer, fashion news

Q: How would you describe the beauty look you created for this show?

“It’s fresh, it’s barely there, its radiant and dewy for that lady at leisure, the travelling global jetsetter. It’s almost a little bit vintage, jet-set, real PanAm glamour, but without the bronze. It’s about reflecting, so that the skin automatically contours.

“It’s kind of Palm Springs, or even kind of Palm Beach, up the [eastern] coast [of New South Wales]… but then you could just be anywhere else in the world, which is quite fabulous.”

Q: How can women take this look from the runway and best recreate it for real life? 

“The big step here is to do makeup removing and cleansing, and then go into priming, because not to prime is a VERY big crime! Then you can just work the skin. In this instance we’ve used Foundation Stick so it’s flawless, but you can do it without as well. I’m also using my China Doll Gel Eyeliner which is called Double Happiness in gold, as well as Light Switch Liminizer Palette, because it really is like turning on a light switch in the face. It’s very simple and very easy to do. I also love the Long Black Mascara, which is my original mascara. It’s got beeswax so there’s a gloss formula to it.”

TIP: As Napoleon’s signature statement stresses: “Not to prime is a crime”… which is why we love his Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer to add some finesse to any foundation finish.

Myer spring 15, Myer, fashion news

The hair: Kevin Murphy

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for this look?

“The inspiration was Ursula Andress when she comes out of the sea water in [Bond movie] Dr No. The brief we got was ‘Mediterranean Summer’, so we looked at 60s movies and thought we want a bit of height, but also have it look like she just stepped out of the pool.”

Q: What products did you use to create it?

“We used a number of products. One called Hair Resort, is like a creamy gel, then we used a product called Staying Alive to give it a wet look.”

Q: How did you do it?

“First of all you pull all the sides back in, like a pony tail that’s lifted down, pulled back up and folded over again. Then you bring all the hair from the top, underneath and pull the hair from the top over the top of that so it makes it more of a thinner sort of look.”

Q: What are you best tips for woman wanting to recreate a similar look themselves? 

“I would say pull your hair into a low ponytail, fold it up to the hairline (up to the crown), then fold it back down again, pin it, and then pull all the other hair back. Do it when [your hair] is a bit damp, not too dry and make sure you put a lot of product in it and comb the product through.”

Q: Does your hair need to be clean?

“Doesn’t really matter to tell you the truth, as long as it’s not too dry or too wet. If it’s too wet it has no grip to it and if it’s too dry it’s too hard to do, there’s frizz everywhere.”



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Myer spring 15, Myer, fashion news

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Myer spring 15, Myer, fashion news

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