Hot in LA: Yas Fitness, the spin & yoga workout you’ll love

If you’re searching for a workout in Venice, California that hits both ends of the fitness spectrums, then Yas Fitness comes highly recommended.

Just recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to not only meet founder, Kimberley Fowler, but to also experience its fitness studio and workout first hand (see the images below).

So what did I think? To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of indoor cycling at all, but after this session I genuinely can’t wait to go back for another class of spin and yoga.

Yas Fitness is smart, fun and effective

Combining Yoga and indoor cycling (spin), Yas Fitness is the perfect example of a great workout combining strength training, stretching and key alignment. You can either do one or the other class, or sign up for the 30 minutes of spin followed by the 30 minutes of yoga (which I recommend) to truly gain the benefits of their succinct and balanced workouts. Either way, whatever you choose, you’ll be in for a sweat session with both classes!

You’ll  the huge open and flowing yoga studio set against Yas’s iconic red brick wall.

Home to a great community of like-minded individuals and expert instructors, Yas Fitness was founded by Kimberley Fowler who is a pioneer within the fitness industry. Kimberley has not only launched the YAS fitness centres but has also published a best-selling guide to yoga, produced three workout DVDs and crafted a sportswear line. (Now that’s an entrepreneur and fitness mentor to look up to!) Best of all, she still gets up-close and involved; you’ll most likely bump into this super inspiring woman during one of your classes.

Keen to try them out? Yas Fitness  is located on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California, which is one of the most coolest streets in the area, and can easily be spotted by their iconic grey wall with yoga shapes across the windows.

This studio comes highly recommended by me and is an all-rounder that offers incredible customer service with a complete balanced workout that you’ll seriously enjoy and benefit from.

Happy training!

W: | A: 1101 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA. 90291 | P: 310.396.6993

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