How body oils changed this blogger’s life

Once upon a time, I feared using oils on my face. In fact, I pretty much shied away from even using it on my body, just in case it lead to (gasp) pesky breakouts. But thankfully, I have seen the error in my ways and my beauty cabinet is now overflowing with delicious smelling oils to nurture my skin. Now that I am pregnant (hello dehydrated skin)… and it’s winter – well, let’s just say this combo without the use of organic oils can be disastrous.

So let’s first start with the basics: what’s the difference between lotions and moisturisers?

Well, for a start, they’re always emulsions, meaning a mixture of oil and water. New York-based holistic facialist Julia March states “our skin’s acid mantle contains sebum, ceramides, triglycerides, essential fatty acids and water. It is a hydrolipidic film that covers the surface of the skin. That is why moisturisers mimic skin’s acid mantle structure to help hydrate the surface and penetrate other possible actives into the skin.”

So why would we choose an oil over a cream? March suggests, “when skin is in deep distress… during compromising external influences I would choose oil instead of a moisturiser to calm, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin faster and without possible irritation.”

body oils, face oils, beauty products


But if you think oils are only for dry skin, think again. If you have oily skin you should still look towards these beauty blends. When you cleanse and strip your face of oil without properly replenishing with natural oils and essential fatty acids, the skin has to continue to produce more oil. So rebalancing with a light treatment oil (organic of course) is perfect to help slow down your skin’s sebaceous glands oil production – keeping it healthy and clear.

Double tick.

The next question on your lips may be do I really need to use organic and natural products? Well, yes… And, while it can be hard to part with your luxe packaged products (tear), Vanessa Megan (director of organic skin care and maker of my fave pregnancy oil brand) explains why.

“It’s extremely important to use organic / natural products on your skin, because our skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs 60 per cent of everything we put on it. Therefore, if you are using skincare products with chemicals in them, the body will absorb them. Some of these chemicals have been linked to the following:

  • Breast cancer
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Psoriasis
  • Premature Ageing

As a consequence it pays to use organic and natural ingredients for your body and health.”

Back to the breakouts… Vanessa Megan believes it’s a myth that all oils cause them. “It’s important to understand that base oils vary in their texture and viscosity and have different uses for different skin types. Also, we have noticed that people overuse face oils. Our recommendation to mix a couple of face oil drops with rose water or distilled water makes our customers use less oil and receive the best benefits of the oil. Rosehip oil is heavier oil, perfect for mature, sun damaged and extremely dry skin. Vanessa Megan Nature’s Elixir Face Oil contains lighter oils and has been designed for normal and less dry skin types.”



Tempted to make the switch? Here are just a few of my fave body oils:

body oils, face oils, beauty products

Vanessa Megan → Mummy’s Tummy Pregnancy Oil (200ml)

Specially formulated pregnancy product to keep your skin healthy and stretch-mark free during and post-pregnancy. Using only 100 per cent certified organic oils, this formula is known to help support skin elasticity during the magical months of pregnancy. This body oil contains jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, essential oils of grapeseed, tangerine, lavender and neroli. And it smells out of this world, it’s so good that I will still use it post baby!

body oils, face oils, beauty products

Lola Berry Oscar → Youth Elixir (15ml)

OSCAR | Youth Elixir combats pre-mature ageing and inflammation to the skin to help it glow. It contains Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil, Organic Calendula, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil and Dog Rose Flower Essence.

Rose hip acts as a multivitamin to the skin, organic Calendula stimulates production of collagen and aids wound healing, macadamia oil as high amounts of palmitoleic acid which assists in anti-ageing of the skin. I also love that it contains Dog Rose flower essence (this one in particular is to brings confidence, courage and belief in self), and hey every bit helps! It is also made by my gal Lola Berry so you know its going to be good.

body oils, face oils, beauty products

Marie Laveau Elixir De Serum → ‘Facial Elixir Serum‘ (50ml)

Created by a West Australian mother/daughter tea and I pretty much adore the whole range, but if I had to choose, I hold a special light for their Elixir De Serum ‘Facial Elixir Serum’ maybe because it smells so good (running pattern here), but also it encourages collagen production and cell regeneration. I would choose this one for more aged and matured skin, for scar tissue/sun damaged and plain ol thirsty skin (like mine!).

body oils, face oils, beauty products

Jurlique → Rose Body Oil (100ml)

Have you ever worried that our skin absorbs the chemicals from ‘regular’ products into our blood and system? Well you should. These chemicals go straight in to our blood stream and can permeate into our major organs and perfumes are no exception. In fact, perfumes are a chemical cocktail in pretty packaging and has been linked to numerous disorders including neurotoxicity and lung irritants. The solution? Why not try a gorgeous scented body oil like Jurlique Rose Body oil which nurtures the skin as well as the scenes?

Problem sorted.

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