How copper brings calm luxury to your home!


“Copper has been one of the biggest interiors trends of 2014 and it will continue into 2015,” says our Sporteluxe interiors expert Mia Lake. “It’s an expensive product which exudes wealth, luxury, serenity and a generally cool vibe.” We’ve put together our top picks of products that will help give your house that feeling of luxe serenity we all crave.

Drinking vessel

The Broad Place

Copper drinking vessel, $39

It’s super important to keep hydrated throughout the day and this vessel by The Broad Place will keep you drinking in style. There are also a number of Ayurvedic benefits to drinking from copper. It is said to positively charge the water, giving the water the ability to balance your doshas. Copper is also said to help to destroy unwanted bacteria in water and has strong antioxidant and cell-forming properties that are said to help in the production of new and healthy skin cells. We think we’ll be drinking from copper for the rest of our lives!

The Lab copper candle

The Lab

Organics copper candle, $65

Candles are a fantastic way to bring an air of cool calmness and into your home and we love this stylish one! The wax is pure soy meaning it will burn cleanly for up to 80 hours and is combined with coconut and almond oils to give it a beautiful fresh scent.

Tom Dixon Bowl

Tom Dixon

Hex bowl, $92

This beautiful copper bowl by British brand Tom Dixon will bring a little bit of London cool to your living room. Hand formed with a hammered hexagonal pattern and a beaten finish, the bowl is a stylish fruit bowl option.

THe Broad Place

The Broadplace

Copper pot, $130

Handmade in the hills of India, this copper pot is a multi-functional vessel that can be used for any number of things Try using it as storage for small items, a vase for flowers or even an ice bucket for your next evening entertaining friends.

West Elm copper table, gold table

West Elm

Martini side table, $179

As sleek and sophisticated as the Martini itself, we are in love with this copper side table from West Elm. Hollow and lightweight for easy transport, this versatile little table can go from inside to outside and will look effortlessly cool in any lounge area.

FRANDSEN Ball Table Lamp Copper, copper lamp


Ball Table Lamp Copper, $318

Our eyes simply lit up when we saw this beautiful copper lamp – pun intended! At 45cm tall, it’s an awesome addition to your bed side table and will bring that famous Scandinavian style to your bedroom.

Kaikado Tea Caddy, copper pot


Tea caddy, 400g, $220

We absolutely adore this tea caddy by Japanese brand, Kaikado. This elegant airtight container can house all of your kitchen essentials from tea and coffee, to herbs and spices. It possesses both function and beauty.

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