How do you want to feel in 2015?

With the New Year comes all kinds of chitter chat about resolutions. Personally, I find resolutions come and go just as quickly as the inspiration to follow them up does. The problem is many of us set goals, resolutions and life missions without being truly excited about them. I’ve made the mistake of setting them out of obligation.

No one, until Danielle LaPorte wrote The Desire Map a few years ago, actually posed the question of how do you want to feel on the way to achieving those goals and how do you want to feel when you get there.

So, set your goals and go nuts with them. They’re super important. But how about setting some intentions around how you want to feel when you achieve them and how you want to feel on a daily basis? And the thing is we’ll end up reaching our goals quicker when we’re creating a desired state.

Do you want to feel…












Here are my tips on getting clarity around these “core desired feelings” as Danielle describes them.

1.   Make time to relax and journal some ideas. Nothing gives you more clarity than space. Book a retreat (I’m hosting one in Byron Bay at the end of the month), take some time away without distractions and do some gentle yoga.
2.   Journal some ideas on how you want to feel and cut out some pictures. Go nuts and write whatever comes to mind.
3.   Hang out with people who inspire you. They will keep you in a good head space and help you create desired state more often than not.
4.   Read Danielle’s The Desire Map. It’s epic and a game changer!

Kate Kendall is hosting a beautiful three day yoga retreat at The Byron at Byron Resort & Spa from 29 January – 1 February. Set the tone for 2015 and leave feeling calm and clear. For more information or to book click here.