How Jessica Alba’s ethical company is making millions

Actress turned savvy-entrepreneur, Jessica Alba, is now one of the wealthiest and most successful women in America thanks to The Honest Company, which she co-founded with CEO Brian Lee in 2012.

The Honest Company originally started as an organic baby product subscription service which was evolved into a multi-billion dollar business, offering stylish, all natural, chemical- and hormone-free products.

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

How Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company began

Alba developed the idea for the company when she pregnant with her first child Honor, who is now sevens years old. “I wanted to create a safe and healthy environment for my daughter, and when I looked at what was available for me to do that, I just didn’t find the answer,” she told Forbes magazine. “There wasn’t a brand that really spoke to me as a modern woman, a brand that was transparent, that used unquestionable safe ingredients but also was effective.”

Providing everything from baby diapers, cleaning products to feminine care products, The Honest Company promises to cater to every household. Alba is further expanding her empire, revealing in June that Honest Beauty is set to launch in September. Although specific products and price range have not been announced yet, one could presume Honest Beauty will fall in line with the brand’s natural, eco-friendly agenda. They will also be opening airport kiosks for all those last-minute travel essentials, however, exact locations have not been confirmed.

We expect that Alba and the Honest Company will continue to flourish and look forward to the next exciting instalment.

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

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