How my sister got amazing wedding day arms

My sister has been an avid gym goer and very food conscious. However, she called me eight weeks before her wedding in a state of panic – she worried about the dreaded bingo wings on her big day!

The trainers and I often talk about if we could only bottle the level of motivation women get leading up to their wedding training people would be so easy. With my sister spending thousands of dollars on a dress and the fear of everyone’s eyes glued to her as she walked down the aisle, she was determined to do whatever it takes to look amazing.

One of the best ways to get the ultimate arms for your wedding day is to do 10 full push-ups on your toes. There are many ways to get to this outcome but what I encourage my clients to do is to do as many as they can do in one continuous go every morning even if it is one.

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The Ultimate Great Arms Workout

DO: 30s on/ 30s off, 3 sets, maximum reps

  1. Raised Hands Push Up – to make your push ups easier, start with your hands on a raised stable surface, such as a bench at waist height. Focus on leading with your chest not your head or stomach.
  2. Plank Up Downs – start in a high plank position, then slowly lower yourself one arm at a time down to your forearms. Then return to the starting position. This is a great one to increase abdominal strength and shoulders.
  3. Push Up Flys – you can do this one from your knees. Start by taking your left hand out to the left and do a push up. Then transition your whole body to the right and push up. Repeat side to side.
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