How Sarah Ranawake stays balanced!

Sarah Ranawake
Photography by Heidi Boardman | Sarah wears lululemon athletica.

I love this time of year. The days are getting warmer and the lure of Christmas and summer holidays starts to feel tantalisingly close. However, it can also be seriously hectic. Which means you need to be careful to make time for yourself. Aside from clean eating and exercise, the two best things I do on a weekly basis for my wellness are Monday night meditation meetings at The Broad Place and yoga at Fitness First. However, over the last week I’ve also been trying a couple of other things to give myself an extra balancing boost.

Still BeautyMassage that comes to you!

Massages. We all know how great they are for us, especially if you’re fit and active. Actually getting them with any regularity? That’s another matter. I currently have two unredeemed massage vouchers I was given as gifts a few months ago. I keep planning to book in to redeem them but so far they remain sitting on my desk at home.  Which is why I love the idea of a mobile massage therapist like Joanna Beecher from Still Beauty. Joanna is based in Melbourne but visits Sydney regularly as well. Yesterday afternoon she came into the Sporteluxe office to give Bianca and I an hour long remedial massage each. Predictably, I had a heap of tension in my back, neck and shoulders (stress and computer related of course!) but Joanna sorted me out.  In fact, it was heaven and one of the best remedial massages I’ve ever had. Strong enough pressure for me to feel it working but no so hard as to be painful. And I was back at my desk working in under five minutes after the massage ended – how convenient is that?!

Cassie Mendoza JonesEnergy balancing kinesiology

One of the cool things about my job is how I get exposed to a wide range of wellness knowledge. I’d heard good things about kinesiology before but never tried it so when one of our Sporteluxe experts Cassie Mendoza-Jones (Pictured) from Elevate Vitality invited me to come along for a session I was intrigued. Kinesiology deal with concepts of energy balancing and uses muscle testing to unlock imbalances in your body. Personally, I found the whole experience pretty powerful. I walked out my session with Cassie with a greater sense of clarity and feeling lighter and happier. I also love the list of tailored positive affirmations Cassie came up with for me – I’ve been repeating them each day after my Vedic meditations for the last week and I’m loving them.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sare x