How to build your self love muscle!

Many of us feel really uncomfortable with the idea of practicing self love. We think it means becoming conceited or appearing vain, but that is not what it’s about at all.

Self love is about forming a healthy, strong and supportive relationship with yourself. It is built on the foundations of empowering and positive talk. It means noticing our strengths, appreciating our gifts and having a gentle form of compassion and kindness towards ourselves.

Does this sound like something you need more of in your life? Here, are a few tips to begin building your self love muscle!

Tune in to your inner cheerleader

Many of us are familiar with our inner critic – that negative little voice that tells us all the reasons why we are not good enough. On the flipside, our inner cheerleader speaks to us in empowering ways and tells us all of the reasons why we valuable, deserving and loveable. Next time you need a boost, choose to give yourself a loving pep talk, the way you would to a best friend, and let your inner cheerleader shine through.

Focus in on the good stuff

How often do you look in the mirror and zone right in on that one little flaw or nit pick at aspects of yourself? When we do, we completely disregard and skim over all of the incredible and beautiful things that are also there for us to see. Choose to use your focus in a more positive way. Pick out a handful of beautiful things about yourself and spend a few minutes really appreciating them.

Acknowledge yourself

Many of us work hard and strive for big goals, but never really stop to acknowledge ourselves along the way. Think about how you celebrate even the tiniest of achievements completed by a child, yet we brush over and dismiss the amazing things we do each day. So, before you go to bed, take some time to reflect in your journal about some of the incredible things you achieved that day, no matter how small. Enjoy that beautiful feeling of pride for yourself and what you’re capable of achieving.

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Connie Chapman
Connie Chapman is on a heart-driven mission to help women live lives of alignment, connection and full-blown fulfilment. A certified life coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer, Connie empowers women to dive deep, play big and unlock their true potential. As the host of Awaken Radio, creator of The 90 Day Transformation Project and founder of, Connie has helped thousands of women across the globe to rekindle their inner glow and beam their light into the world. Her teachings are based on soul-deep transformation – choosing love over fear, abundance over anxiety, and always tuning in to our inner wisdom. Connie’s work has been featured in leading magazines and blogs across Australia, including CLEO, Dolly, The Wellness Warrior and many more. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, when she’s not working you’ll find Connie hanging out in organic cafes or diving headfirst into the ocean.