How to create a nature-inspired kitchen!

Green is good and that doesn’t just apply to what you eat,” says interiors stylist and author Mr Jason Grant. “I love bringing plants indoors into kitchens. It’s a simple yet effective way to update a space and kitchens with ample natural light kitchens are the perfect space to add some plants. Think window sills or hanging from above.” Incorporating indoor plants into your interior is just one of the many clever styling ideas in Jason’s gorgeous book, Holiday At Home (Hardie Grant; $45). We chatted to Jason and asked him to share some other top tips for creating a healthy kitchen full of natural elements.

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Edible garden

“Your kitchen is the perfect place for an edible garden,” says Jason. “This can either be herbs or even vegetables depending on how much space you have. Some of my favourites include chives, basil and mint. All perfect garnishes for meals or summer drinks. Why not try reusing tins or other containers you may have otherwise thrown out to pot your plants.”

Get fruity

“Don’t be afraid of displaying your fruit and vegetables,” advises Jason. “Give them pride of place in your kitchen or on your dining table instead of flowers. Just group one of two colours together to avoid it looking too Carmen Miranda!”

Jason Grant

Natural wonder

“Avoid a too clinical feeling kitchen by adding natural elements,” says Jason. “Timber is perfect for warming up a space, think about both your surfaces and furniture. I love decorating with functional-yet-earthy pieces. From a timber feature wall to cupboards or stools. You can also start small. I’m a big fan of timber boards, utensils and bowls. Group them together for extra impact.”

Decorate and display

“Kitchens are perfect spaces to create functional-yet-beautiful displays,” says Jason. “Where everything you need is ready to access. Group similar colours or materials together and use glassware to display ingredients. Also think about fun or colourful everyday items such as a colour kettle or toaster, that can brighten your morning.”

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