How to create a zen sanctuary at home

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Some spaces have the capacity to put you at ease right away. The stillness of your yoga studio, the smell of your favourite day spa or perhaps the nurturing corner of your Mum’s living room.

Whatever and wherever is it, these spaces hold a certain energy that makes it easier to unwind, detach from the every day and feel more grounded. And they don’t just naturally occur.

No mistake, that ‘feeling’ has been cultivated in some way by what happens in the room and the care and love that has been devoted to the set up and what occurs in the space.

Good design is love.

And the good news is we don’t have to leave our own home to recreate that same ‘feel’, whatever it is you desire.

All you need is an intention and some pick-and-choose from the following tips to set up your own private sanctuary in which you can practice yoga, meditate or just curl up in and read a book.

How to create a DIY Sanctuary:

1. Know how you want to feel 

What’s your intention and how do you want to feel in this space? Is your intention to energise or relax? Is it to feel happy, nurtured, warmed or joyous? Although it can be a number of these things, choose one word or feeling which will govern any decisions you make about setting up your space

2. Look for a nook

Find a corner, nook or even a whole room in your home where you can be relatively quiet; anywhere that inspires you and in which you feel comfortable.

3. Remember, less is more

Maintaining a clean space supports mental clarity. Remove anything you don’t need. Think ‘blank canvas’.

4. Choose surroundings consciously

What are the objects and materials in your sanctuary made from? Are they eco friendly and do they compliment your health? If you are painting your space, opt for the non-toxic type and when cleaning, choose products that are kind to the environment.

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5. Consider lighting

Where possible, natural light is a bonus. We all need a little vitamin D in our lives – especially during these cooler months. If you’re in your DIY sanctuary at night, candles are the perfect way to soften the mood. And speaking of soft, seek out gentle music that matches your intention of which you can play whilst in there.



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6. Add with intention

If you’re accessorising and decorating with yoga mats, bolsters, reading cushions and essential oils or even adding a splash of colour, go back to your intention of how you want to feel. For example, soft cushions and blankets can promote a sense of being nurtured, lemon-scented smells can be refreshing and invigorating if that matches your goal.

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