How to ditch gym fees and still stay fit!


Saving money on gym fees doesn’t have to mean forsaking your fitness with these top tips! Here are four low cost alternatives that can be terrifically toning.

Play a team sport

Team sports are a fantastic form of fitness and usually come with the added bonus of an instant line up of new friends. If you’ve ever moved to a new town, this is a double whammy that won’t be beat; cardio and comradery in one place. Squats, sprints, ball skills, stamina, the whole lot can be found here.

Cost: $300-$500 per year

Hit the pool

If a sports team isn’t your bit, it could be worth your while popping into the local pool. These relatively inexpensive Australian institutions are an excellent alternative to the gym. There are few workouts that leave you walking taller than a session in the pool, and with a bit of well-timed sun beaming on your back, you’ll be looking good and feeling fine in no time.

Cost: $3-$7 per visit

Join a running or cycle club

If running or cycling are more it could be time to hook up with lycra-minded enthusiasts and enforce some regularity on your fitness regime.

Because while a ride or run-for-one can be a short, comfortable affair, the commitment of a regular gang going at a certain time, running a set distance is how you get somewhere.

Cost: free

Do it yourself

If you have the determination and drive to do it yourself, there are a whole bunch of free routines available online or through apps.

Think exercise circuits for the backyard, yoga classes for your lounge room floor, weight workouts for the bars in the park.

Flick through YouTube, download free apps or go through fitness blogs for a style that suits and see if you can hold yourself to it. Or revert to one of the options above!

Cost: free
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