How to do Mammoth California right!

Mammoth Mountain
Photo: Terry Baretsen
If you’re a seasoned skier than I assume Mammoth Mountain rings a bell…or two. Been there or not, it’s considered to be in the top 10 winter ski playgrounds. Run after run, after run is all you ever want to do. But have you ever bothered to do a little bit of exploring outside of the powdery white slopes? Well maybe you should make some time as Mammoth has a lot more to offer than just their slopes. Believe me it’s just an adventure waiting to happen.

So where to go, what to do and how to do it right all comes to mind? Then take the pressure off and know that we’ve done the all the hard work for you. We just hope that once you’ve read this, your next booked trip will be to Mammoth, California!

Westin, Mammoth Mountain accomWhere to stay

There are a handful of places to stay but we recommend the Westin at Mammoth. Not only do you get a fireplace in your room, but you literally can step outside of the hotel with your ski boots on and skis over your shoulder and jump on a Gondola that takes you all the way up to Mammoth Mountain. So that saves you the hassle of finding public transport or even walking that distance. Ouch!

Where to eat

Well if you don’t mind the freezing temperatures, you can even pick yourself up a Tom and Jerry’s ice cream! But, heading out for a great night on the town we give a big thumbs up to The Smokeyard BBQ and Chop Shop. While there’s a lot to tempt your tastebuds here (think cornbread and crispy mozzarella chips), it’s also sure to go straight to the hips! So we say stick to the tasty corn fritters, lean steaks and mammoth salads.

June Lake, Bianca Cheah

Where to ski/ board

Mammoth Mountain has it all. With over 3,500 acres, 28 lifts, 150 trails and snow that doesn’t stop until the average of 10 meters falls. Be careful to pick your runs, as it can get busy up there! New to skiing? Why not get a private lesson with their professional AASI and PSIA certified instructors from around the world who speak a number of languages and will get you skiing down those slopes in no time!

Where to visit

So you’re a bit stiff from skiing? Why not take a rest and do some sight seeing. Hire a driver and go visit Mono Lake famous for its 48km of salt waters where you’ll find where tiny brine shrimp and algae live. Or there’s the stunning June Lake which freezes over in Winter and is a popular photography destination or the favourite Lakes Basin where the mountains water sits so still that it reflects the white capped mountains in the background.

So, next time your planning your next trip to California, be sure to check out Mammoth and all it has to offer. Because this place is somewhere where it’s memories will always bring a smile to your face.