How to elevate your yoga practice to a new level!

The truth is that yoga can sometimes be really uncomfortable, clunky and downright awkward. Especially if you weren’t genetically blessed with long hamstrings and open hips.

I, most definitely, was not the kid that did gymnastics and I loathed ballet. When I started yoga I could barely reach my toes. Honest.

For me, it was practicing five times a week and feeling so damn good every time I rolled up my mat that kept me going back and that opened me up so quickly so to speak. The gift of longer hamstrings was a bonus!

I think we can get in our own way when it comes to our physical yoga practice. We push, pull, grab and grip in an effort to make the perfect shape or be more like the person next to us (who by the way could have been practicing for ten years) that we can end up feeling more stressed out when we leave the studio.

The goal, for me, is not to be the yogi with the deepest back bends nor the longest standing handstand. It’s to move with more ease both on and off the mat. It’s to ‘struggle’ less. This doesn’t mean I don’t try and passionately pursue headstand nor my goals off the mat. It means I practice being less reactive, more open to feedback and opportunities without attachment. Remember, ease is a state of mind. See you on the mat!