How to fake interest in the ICC Cricket World Cup!

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Whether it interests you or not, a basic knowledge of sport is a savvy tool that can take you a long way professionally.  Sports talk dominates water cooler chats and is a fantastic ice breaker or conversation starter in the corporate world. Especially useful during awkward silences with your boss or colleague. Just find out which code and team they go for first to avoid anymore unwanted awkwardness! A major event on the sporting calendar right now is the ICC Cricket World Cup. Until the end of March, cricket lovers in your office will most likely be regularly checking score updates, so it’s worth getting your head around some of the basics.

1. Firstly, there are three formats of cricket: Tests (which last for five days), One Day and T20 (even shorter). This is the One Day World Cup and is a huge deal. It only comes around every four years. About a million tickets have been sold and billions of people are watching around the world.   There are 14 teams fighting to be crowned champions on March 29.

2. There are 11 players per team, consisting of batsman, bowlers and all-rounders (talented men who can bat and bowl well).  A game consists of 50 overs per innings, with one over being six balls. The aim is for the batsman to score as many runs as possible. Common ways for them to get out, otherwise known as a dismissal, include being caught, bowled, run-out, leg-before-wicket and stumped. The team who scores the most runs wins.

3. Australia is the favourite to take out the ICC Cricket World Cup. Firstly because Australia is the top ranked One Day International team and boosted by the fact the event is on home soil. India is the cricket powerhouse, they are ranked 2nd and every game involving India is a brilliant spectacle to watch because you won’t find more diehard fans than the Indians. Cricket players to them are bigger stars than Brangelina.


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