How to fake naturally sun kissed hair!

sun kissed hair, natural hari colour, sombre, baby lights
Image credits: Pinterest

Didn’t achieve naturally sun kissed hair over summer? Jana Pana from Marli Rose salon in Sydney’s Alexandria talks us through three hot new hair colour trends that will help you fake the look!


“Bronding is an ideal colour technique for those who the look of naturally beautiful hair,” says Jana. “This type of colouring gives you the effect of glittering shimmers coming throughout the hair. The colour scheme varies from chocolate brown to coffee, golden beige and dark blonde but the shades of colour used aren’t more than three tones away from each other. This type of colour adds immediate freshness to your face.”


“Baby lights are the next big trend in hair colour,” says Jana. “This process involves micro attention to the painting process and is even more delicate looking than bronding. Baby lights are similar to foiling but the highlights are ultra fine. Think of children whose hair is naturally sun  kissed from playing in the sun with natural tones of blonde, golden blonde and light brown. Baby lights offer a beautiful overall glow to the hair.”


“Sombre (subtle ombre) is a must softer version of ombre colouring,” says Jana. “The way the hair transition from light to dark is a lot more delicate looking. Ombre is having depth through the roots then gradually going to light ends and sombre still gives this effect but it’s more natural looking. The definition between colour isn’t as enhanced with somber, rather it gives a sun-kissed look through the ends.”