How to get healthy and shiny 70’s-style hair

Usually the hair looks that come down international fashion runways are anything but volumous, but one show stood out at the recent New York Fashion Week. The hair styling that complimented Australian designer Rebecca Vallance‘s clothes was a wonderful modern take on the classic ‘chic curls’ of the 70’s.

We saw luscious volume without bulk and a positively radiant shine to the models locks. And with thanks to Joico’s head hair stylist Paul Norton, we got the inside goss on how to create this beautiful luscious look at home too. Read on…

Hair trending: how to get fabulous, 70’s-style hair

Q: What was the inspiration behind this hair look?

“Um, actually the inspiration came from Rebecca. She created the hair look with stylist Kelly. We had this sight 70’s range where we wanted to maintain really healthy, shiny beautiful glamorous hair. It’s not about dirty hair anymore. Its about a soft and gentle wave like the 70’s tinge.”

Q: What are the steps (the how to’s) for achieving this look?

“I think the focus is making sure that the ends of the hair, from the mid shaft of the ends are bent away from the face, kind of opens up the face to give it that 70’s feel. We’re using Joico Hair Shake at the ends for a fuller affect and also using Joico Flip hair spray.”

Q: Are there any preparation steps in getting this look just right?

“The look is done best on clean, shiny hair. We want moveable, touchable hair. If its too oily its really not the look we’re going for. We do like clean, healthy shiny hair.”

Q: Which product did you use? 

“We used Joico Hair Shape and Joico Flip Turn as well some girls are using Joico Heat Set.”

Q: What are your top tips in keeping this look in place all day and night long?

“Mostly the finishing products, like Joico Flip Turn to create hold.”


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