How to look after your mental wellbeing before your wedding


Of course any bride worth her weight in hydrangeas wants to float down the aisle like a show-stopping goddess to the sound of ooohhs and ahhhs. Equally acknowledging her fit toned rig, glowing skin and oh, don’t forget the dress. But when preparing for the bridal Olympics, sorry I mean wedding. However, there is one vital thing that rarely gets a mention on the endless to-do list: your mental wellbeing!

Focusing on your mental health and wellbeing in the lead up to your wedding is so much more important than physical fitness and appearance. Or even the table settings for that matter. If upstairs is in order, all of those other goodies will unfold with ease. So, bride-to-be, please take a big bright pen, and write in at the top of your checklist: “nurture my glorious, dazzling self. Hint: she’s the cool woman your fiancé fell crazy in love with!

From one Bridezilla to another, here are a few golden points to help you handle pressure like a boss and make your trip to the altar a whole lot smoother:


It sounds so simple doesn’t it? It is the basic things that we turn into habits which are the greatest for us. Even just five minutes a day of consciously focusing on slowing your breathing  can work wonders for cultivating clarity and calm.  If you can’t sit still easily (I hear ya!) give moving meditation a go. Qi Gong (meaning life force energy) not only calms the mind because you are busy focusing on the movements, but also opens up energy chakras and clears blockages through the body. Meaning good vibes surrounding you and your wedding day!

Cool your jets

When feeling anxious, overwhelmed or angry it stresses out your body and encourages it to hang onto fat. If you are in that “wired” state, high-intensity exercises will only add to the tension in your system. Replace hard-core workouts with more calming practices like yoga and Pilates. You will tone up, de-stress and lose weight at the same time. Winning! If you are a cardio junkie, go for a hilly walk or gentle jog in nature. It’s more tranquil and better for your mind and soul.

Shut out stimulants

That’s coffee. Sorry. Don’t hate me. Please. I prefer to focus on all of the delicious, fresh, healthy goodies people can chow down on, rather than dictating what they shouldn’t touch.. However, coffee, oh glorious coffee, is a just a creamy shot of adrenalin that keeps your nervous system operating in the “fight or flight” stressed out mode. And all that stress does is make us a tad fat and crazy, neither of which we need when getting married.  Swap for herbal teas which calm and hydrate and notice the difference.

It is just six weeks until I get hitched and I can smugly boast that so far these tactics have kept me a pretty cool cucumber. I’ll report back with more juicy health, wellness and beauty details after the big day!


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Roz Kelly Morkel
Roz Kelly Morkel is a reformed highly-stressed, highly-caffeinated TV reporter reincarnated as a holistic health and wellness coach. In her past life as a full-time sports reporter and host, Roz travelled the globe covering the world’s biggest events such as the London Olympics, Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, Surfing World Tour, international cricket and Commonwealth Games. This earned Roz multiple awards nominations for her tireless coverage and blazing a trail for women in sport. Life was a blur of 3am wake up calls for breakfast programs, huge hours, non-stop travel, intense deadlines and shoving anything available to eat in her mouth while on the run. She lived in the “fight or flight” stressed zone for years. It took adrenal fatigue to bring about a shakeup in priorities and lifestyle change. Now in a blissful new chapter, living between Australia and South Africa, Roz is making health and wellness simple and fun for other busy people. She is also a proud member of the International Green Smoothie Appreciation Society.