How to look polished post gym workout

Pictured L to R: Chanel Les Beiges, Chantecaille Just Skin, Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer, Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

The trick to looking polished after the gym is to refresh the hair and use sheer coverage tinted moisturiser/BB Cream to show off your natural post-workout glow.  Apply dry shampoo by lifting the top layers and sectioning the hair and spraying the dry shampoo into the roots.  If your hair really needs a wash and you don’t have time, use dry shampoo and then create a really fast up do with a hair donut. Kirsten Carriol showed me this trick in her Beauticate hair tutorial and it’s an amazing trick. It looks really special and doesn’t take very long.  I also advise leaving your dry shampoo to absorb while you apply tinted moisturiser. I like the new Chanel Les Beiges, Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer and Chantecaille Just Skin.

In addition to keeping that glow and refreshing your hair, do a little bit of clever contouring and concealer work. Apply a creamy concealer over the eyelids and under the eyes to brighten the area, a little around the mouth and nose to liven up the face. Then use a little bronzer to contour under the cheekbones and under the jawline, in the sockets of the eyes and down the sides of the nose. This gives depth and life to the face without the need for buckets of foundation. It will look like you’re really polished and chiseled but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing too much.

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